4 Canoeing Mistakes You Need to Avoid on Your Next Trip  

Are you about to go on a kayaking or canoeing trip? It will undoubtedly be one memorable outing. However, you must avoid certain mistakes to be safe during the trip. Mistakes like overstuffing the canoe, wearing an inappropriate outfit and rushing through water can wreak havoc. It can also be dangerous and life-threatening.

So, be it a Delaware river canoeing expedition or a journey to any other location, here are the mistakes to steer clear off.

Not Wearing the Right Attire

If you’re not properly dressed for the kayaking trip, you are already going down the wrong track. Firstly, you must wear a PFD (personal floatation device) to ensure security. This suit will offer you the buoyancy to stay afloat in an accident like a collision or a capsizing incident.

Next, you must wear high-quality gloves and rubber boots. This is because cheap boots won’t protect your legs from the harsh waters. Avoid wearing any sneakers or casual shoes at all costs while kayaking.

Canoe Overloading

While packing your stuff, remember that it’s a canoeing trip, not a backpacking trip! No matter what you have in your bag, don’t overload the boat. It is just a recipe for disaster. So, keep things like heavy backpacks, beer tumblers, huge speakers or chunky guitar cases away from the canoe. Doing this will ensure the weight is equally distributed on the boat.

On the contrary, overloading the kayak can lead to a capsizing or drowning accident. So, before beginning the trip, evaluate the items you need and leave the rest on the shore.

Too Many Paddle Strokes

You need to understand stroke length whether you are an experienced or beginner river rafter. Best paddlers take fewer strokes to move the canoe forward and enjoy a smooth trip.

If you make excessive strokes, the paddle won’t stay in the water for a long time. Moreover, you’ll lose a lot of energy in the process. It will make it difficult to move ahead with the trip. So, reduce your stroke length and conserve your energy. Don’t rush too much while kayaking unless you are in a professional competition.

Being Unaware of Emergency Contact Information

As Delaware is a popular spot for kayaking, water accidents are also common here. It is vital to understand what to do in an emergency. For instance, you must know the emergency contact information for the Delaware Natural Resources Police.

Further, you can contact the team through 800-523-3336 or the radio channel 16. To obtain any other information related to boating or kayaking, you can contact Delaware’s Office of Boating Safety and Education via their official number, 302-739-9915. Besides, it would be best if you also had a first-aid kid ready to tackle any unfortunate events.

Summing Up

If you’re going on a Delaware river canoeing trip, plan your journey keeping the weather conditions in mind. It is always advised to go on a canoeing trip with at least one experienced kayaker. Venturing out with a team of newbies won’t help you in times of trouble. Only a seasoned kayaker will save the day of your experience in case of a mishap. They will also help you with tips on better paddling and organizing your routes from their personal experiences.


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