5 Most Popular Racket Sports in Asian Countries

Asia is the continent that actively participates in a lot of sports all over the world. Most of the time, if there is some world tournament, Asia is the host for that tournament which makes those sports even more popular in this region. Apart from all other sports, Racket Sports are very famous in several Asian countries, and here we will be discussing these sports.

The 5 Most Popular Racket Sports in Asian Countries

The following are the most popular racket sports in Asian Countries


Tennis is a sport that has a pretty rich history in the whole world. Some say that it belongs to the ancient Egyptians, Romans as well as Greeks, which makes it a historical sport in the world dating thousands of years back. However, the tennis we play today is very different. It is one of the most popular sports in Asian countries. If you are interested in playing tennis, then you can buy tennis rackets to enjoy this sport.


It is not only one of the most played sports in the Asian countries but among the whole world as well. It is a game that does not require a lot of space for playing, so different tournaments can be arranged without any issues, and it is one of the reasons for it being famous. An interesting fact about badminton is that it originated in India.

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Although it has got different names now, this is still a very famous sport in Asian countries. Pakistan is one of the countries that has an amazing history of playing world-level Squash tournaments as well as winning them back to back. You might need to get your hands on some squash rackets if you are looking to try it. The thing about squash rackets is that these are perfect for this game, and no other rackets work here.

Table Tennis

The name of this game is self-explanatory, and it is yet another very famous game in Asian countries. It is also known as Ping Pong in some parts of the world.


The last among the top 5 racket games famous in Asian countries is Racquetball. It resembles squash, but there are different rules. There are main differences in the court type and size as well as the ball.

Final Verdict

While the Asian countries have famous names for all of these sports, one of the reasons for this is these sports being popular among kids. As they grow up some, take these sports as a career, and their life-long training makes them perform extremely well. So, if you are also interested in any of these sports, you can buy tennis rackets, Squash rackets, badminton rackets online as it is never too late to start.

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