Not everyone needs to be Ronaldo and Messi: you have your personal football skills

Face the fact that not everyone was born to be the perfect soccer player like Messi and Ronaldo. And if you did, you would already know, for sure. The first thing you need is to get rid of the obligation to show a good performance and be a skilled player. Visit Soccer prediction sites and know more on this topic. If you want to improve in football then try to show willingness.

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Improve your physique

If you can’t stand to play even five minutes that you’re already dead, the thing is to improve your fitness. With rhythm, your confidence improves and tiredness decreases. And how do you do that? By practicing an aerobic exercise, you improve the conditioning a lot. For that, you don’t need much, a comfortable outfit, a good running shoe and practicing two or three times during the week, you will already feel the results when playing.

Train hard

Training is an important part of the process of playing well. With it, you can ‘calibrate’ your passes, kicks, touches and submissions. You know when to take a shot and when to run to anticipate a move. If you have limitations in terms of skill, there are a multitude of soccer schools that teach you the basics and give you instructions not to run around aimlessly and be more functional on the pitch. Call a colleague of yours to go to a court or empty space. There you can train a multitude of fundamentals for football: kicks, passes, pikes with the ball, save throws, etc.

Make it simple

If you don’t have Ronaldo’s skills, don’t act like you do. Football has a universal law for non-footballers – make it simple. Do not dribble, avoid long shots, prefer short passes to the teammate, etc. Don’t try plastic shots that you saw in the Champions League, focus on hitting the ball, kicking, passing and receiving. When you concentrate your tasks on doing the basics, the margin of error is smaller, in addition to gaining confidence to expand the repertoire.

Start scoring goals

Not everyone was born to score goals like CR7. In football, there are several functions on the field: you can be a goalkeeper, a scorer, a playmaker and a finisher. It is not running all over the field that you will win praise and improve in football. It just shows how unprepared and clueless you are. It is a strategy that saves energy. If you run all the time to all corners of the field, in 10 minutes you will be tired. An important thing in sport is to keep your position.

Have the basics to play

You can play football barefoot and shirtless. But, this will considerably damage your performance if you are not a natural ball master. But, you also don’t have to spend thousands to practice the sport. Good pair of sneakers, a shirt and comfortable shorts that will allow you to sweat without weighing a ton, a sock that protects your legs and tight shorts reduce bruises in the sport. Don’t care about criticism. Part of football is the review.

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