Racist Abuse Allegations Being Investigated by Hull City toward Kyron Gordon of Sheffield United

It is being reported that the Football Association (FA) may take disciplinary action against Hull City. The action may be taken following claims made by Sheffield United over Kyron Gordon, who is their defender.

Kyron Gordon was Racially Abused

It is being claimed by the Sheffield United officials that Kyron Gordon was racially abused while he was warming up at the touchline. It was the Hull City home fan who targeted the player while he was warming up for a match.

The incident took place as Sheffield United was at Hull City’s home ground and it was marking a victory. Sheffield United was winning the match against Hull City with a 2-0 result.

In the match, Oli McBurnie and Sander Berge were able to score goals against the Hull City defenders. Oli McBurnie scored the goal in the 20th minute while Sander Berge scored the goal in the 75th minute.

The incident took place right after Sander Berge scored a goal against the home team. As a result of the racial abuse by a fan, the match had to be stopped for about four minutes.

Referee Addressed the Issue

The referee, Matt Donohue discussed the entire matter with managers from both teams. Donohue spoke to Gordon at length about the incident and he even discussed the matter with Oliver Arblaster. 

The reason for talking to Arblaster was because the player was warming up alongside Gordon when the incident took place.

Comments by Hull City Management

The officials have confirmed that the management at Hull City is currently investigating the matter. So far, they have discussed the matter with the security staff and the referee. 

They have also discussed the matter with the management and the officials at Sheffield United. The Hull City officials have assured us that they are looking into the matter and will be getting to the bottom of it.

Gordon was Incensed

Just as the incident took place, the 22-year-old was furious and angered. Other teammates had to jump in and handle the situation. 

Oli McBurnie stepped in and spoke to Gordon, trying to handle the situation and calming the 22-year-old player down. 

McBurnie took Gordon to the fourth official and had him explain the entire situation. Referee Donohue told the officials that he would add the incident to the report he was to submit to the Football Association. 

Comments by Paul Heckingbottom 

While talking to the interviewers, the United manager stated that they had been made aware of the situation right after the incident took place.

Paul Heckingbottom stated that the incident took place just when Gordon was warming up. The issue was reported to the authorities and they have taken it from there. 

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