Real Sport: What You Need To Know About Horseback Riding

In the past, horseback riding was a necessity, as horses were one of the few means available to cover long distances. Today, horseback riding has become an elite sport that is gaining more and more popularity. A few centuries ago, people started using horses as a means of transport and participating in battles. A warrior’s success in battle and his life depended on his ability to use weapons, endurance, strength, and the ability to grip a saddle and control a horse.

How To Choose The Right Discipline

In the first few months, the rider learns the basics of riding – masters various gaits, seeks balance in the saddle, learns to control the horse correctly, overcomes fears. Once the rider has mastered the necessary base, the coach offers him a choice depending on the student’s abilities and the capabilities and conditions of the chosen equestrian club. Since we’re talking about amateur sports, it must be said that riders may not just choose a discipline but alternate jumping and dressage training.

Also, some riders prefer not to be tied to any particular type of equestrian sport but practice for their pleasure, honing their riding skills. In addition, in many clubs, there is the opportunity to practice in the arena (a special covered training area) and go horse riding in the fields or walking in the parks.

How To Choose An Equestrian Club

When choosing a club, it pays first and foremost to focus on your goals and opportunities. If your goal is to succeed in a particular discipline of equestrian sports, it is worth looking for an equestrian club specializing in training athletes in that area.

And if you just want to learn how to be in the saddle and have fun, you should pay attention to the club’s convenient location, the trainer’s skills, and the condition of the horses in the stable – they should be clean, not exhausted, and the stable itself it should be warm and dry.

How To Prepare For Your First Class

Although horseback riding does not require special physical preparation, it is still worth doing at least a light warm-up to stretch your muscles before the first class. In some equestrian clubs, the trainer performs exercises already on horseback – this not only has a beneficial effect on the condition of the muscles and helps the rider establish contact with the horse.

Another important point is that you must come to the lesson in advance. Firstly, you will have time to change your clothes calmly. Secondly, in many clubs, riders receive an introductory tour, during which they can meet the horses and even participate in the cleaning and sealing. This helps to understand the horse’s structure better and to learn more about equestrian sports.

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