Uneekor EYE XO Vs Foresight GC Quad

Released in the middle of 2020, the Uneekor Eye Xo was established as a genuine improvement over the QED launch monitor. The GC Quad has served as Foresight’s top launch monitor since it was launched in 2017. Check out the latest uneekor eye xo product here.

How do the GC Quad and Eye Xo work?

An overhead launch monitor called the Eye Xo uses cameras as its primary technology. The GC Quad captures several photos of the ball before, during, and after contact using four high-speed cameras.

The GC Quad creates a distinctive image of the golf course using four independent yet coordinated cameras.

Uneekor Eye Xo Software Options

Golfers who own an EYE XO may take advantage of swing video analysis, driving range practice, and ball and club statistics to Uneekor View, a golf simulation tool. Upgrade to Refine or Succeed for the standard View software.

Uneekor EYE XO Space Requirements 

Use of the Eye Xo necessitates a basic room width of 12 feet; but if you want a central aim point or to accommodate left- and right-handers, you’ll need additional space. As long as it ranges between 9 and 10 feet in height, you may install EYE XO to the ceiling. As a minimum, Uneekor advises keeping the Eye Xo 10 feet away from the display.

GC Quad Space Requirements

The only space needed indoors for the Foresight GC Quad is sufficient for you to swing comfortably.

Eye XO vs. GC Quad System Requirements

The system requirements are not very high for just executing every launch monitor plus program configuration regularly. It has frequently been stated that various launch monitors, such as the GC Quad, do not support AMD CPUs.

Portability and Outdoor Use

You cannot take the fixed, overhead-mounted Eye Xo launch monitor to a golf course or driving range. With the GC Quad, you can conduct outdoor launch monitor drills without relying on links to software devices because of the onboard display that enhances the outdoor experience.

Eye XO vs. GC Quad: Connection issues

The GC Quad features an onboard computer, unlike the Eye Xo, which enables it to analyze the many photographs it captures to exhibit the shot data on an internal display. Additionally, the launch monitor may be connected using a USB-C connection and Wi-Fi (essential for usage outside and mobility).

Short game, wedges, and chipping

The perfect mix of a high-quality launch monitor, a realistic striking surface, and fascinating practice areas integrated into your simulation software is necessary for the short game in golf simulators. Due to their camera-based technologies, the Eye Xo and GC Quad can both correctly capture brief shots.

Who Should Buy Uneekor EYE XO and Who Should Buy GC Quad?

Launch monitors such as the Uneekor Eye Xo and Foresight GC Quad are extremely distinct from one another. Left- and right-handed golfers participating together in a golf simulator can use Eye Xo, as can anyone who doesn’t want to use their launch monitor outside or at the driving range.

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